Good Intentions

I certainly intended to clean my house and do some work today...but it is almost nine (that's PM) and I've done very little but surf the net and make quiet plans for the fab baskets I got on sale at Cost Plus (sorry no phote...yet). That means... the house is still a bit cluttered, I've spent almost sixty dollars and I didn't even have to change out of my PJ's. Incidentally...I did change out of them...but technically, I didn't have to.

I love the internet, but it is a trap for a gal like me. I start in my favorite spot and through a series of links, I end up bleary eyed and starving about three hours later. But, my net adventures did lead me here, where I discovered this...

After discovering that wrapping paper and proceeding to buy some of it...I then learned that this site also offers wrapping tips and some pretty neat screen savers.

So here's to bleary eyes and a dirty house.


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