Peacocks and Pink

I am naturally prone to short bursts of creative energy whenever it rains...unfortunately, today, that is not proving to be so. I'd rather just putter about making plans for this and that. For instance...I have a small thing for picture frames. All kinds. I have a long hallway so it was always my intention to turn it into a photo gallery. It hasn't happened yet. The walls are bare, the frames are dusty, and while I have ideas...those walls have been bare for some time. Which brings me to this...

I am redoing the abode and I'm using Jonathan Adler and Tracy Porter as my inspiration. While "Jonathan" is more my style, I love "Tracy's" color. Since I live in an apartment my base is rather beige...which, quite honestly, I like. I like my white walls and cream carpet...but it needs color. Right now I'm really into peacocks and pink, not soft baby pink, but a beautiful deep rose with a touch of soft blue and gold. This may not all work for my casa since I do share it with my husband, but I can definitely see it on paper...we'll see what I come up with.

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