happy april

I looked up and suddenly it was April. Strange how that happens. Busy with work, and life and more work. Got a new project going on...not too sure if it's my next obsession or just a convenient diversion...time will tell I suppose.

So...I started scrapbooking again. Not super-productive, but a little something here and there. I'm not sure why I ever stopped. Incidentally, I continued to buy scrap stuff like a crazy person. Keith says I'm a collector. That's okay with me...but I'd like to do something with all the stuff I've amassed. I would post a pic of my office but I'm feeling a trifle embarrassed with the colossal mess I've got going on here. It's just a huge paper explosion with my pretty little mac peeping out from underneath.

The reason for the explosion is...from time to time when I'm feeling a bit stuck creatively I make a collage. Sometimes they're itty bitty, and sometimes they are massive, but playing with paint, paper and glue is all this girl needs to get going again...so here is the fruit of my labor. A digi/paper hybrid. I'm kinda digging the whole digi/paper thang. if you've never tried it I suggest you give it a whirl...you might like it.

Happy Passover and Easter to all.


***edited to add...got the cool digi stuff here

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