geez...what's wrong with this blogger?

She's not very good at regularly posting. That's what's wrong.

I wish I could post about cool places I visit and trendy restaurants I frequent. But I don't really go anywhere and my eating habits are terribly boring. I have a hard time believing that the four+ folks that actually read this thing care that I drank six diet cokes today. Don't get me wrong...I read and enjoy a lot of blogs that do contain this type of "everyday life"content, but I just feel strange doing that. Like who really gives a !@#?* what little miss france consumed for lunch today...(pb&j sandwich incidentally). So that's the truth behind my sporadic blogging. This gal don't got shit goin on.

On the brightside....I am making a ton of stuff right now and will be hawking my wares here. Is it just me or does everyone have one of those? I've known about it for a really long time...but just recently set up shop. I haven't posted a blessed thing yet, but I will...eventually.

In other news...I found out Jaime Waters will be teaching a class at the Oasis. I really like her style and although I don't get the whole scrapbook celeb thing...I just dig her pages and would like to visit the store I've heard so much about so I think I'm gonna sign up.

In closing I think I will kick June off with a few "happies"....

I love wearing this

and listening to him

and eating here

and watching old episodes of this

and rocking these

and imitating her acccent (poorly)

and reading this

and coveting this (bigtime)

Oh and here's a pic for good luck!


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