I'm back...

Hey all! Sorry for the major blog neglect. I've spent the last week in Arizona. It was a fabulous trip. It isn't often that I get to spend so much time with my entire immediate family...but we were all there. Keith says it's kinda like strapping several sticks of dynamite together, but I prefer to think of us as an incredibly passionate and highly excitable group...in a good way:)

My mini vacation was much needed after weeks of intense work. Happy to say my projects are complete although I was in the trenches almost up until my flight left. Now that I've returned, I have a few smaller projects that need attention as well as all the holiday stuff I love that I unfortunately do not get paid for.

To all of you who were so incredibly supportive and giving of your time. I thank you with all my heart. October was my busiest month ever!

So what's on the horizon...

• a Holiday Stamping workshop this Sunday

Simple Holiday cards + tags workshop in a couple weeks

Thanksgiving at my house with the whole fam (i'm tired already)

• a week later off to Miami for a wedding and then to New York for some Christmas shopping and a show

• right after I get back my cousin's HUGE wedding. Lotsa family, food and fun

• Christmas in Arizona...and New Year's....who knows...Paris sounds nice:)

After all that...I think I'm gonna need a really long nap.

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