maxin and relaxin...

So great to be home. Although I loved New York and Miami...I was just ready to come back. I have a lot of great pics to share but that will come later once I've had a chance to recover from my travels. Super happy that NYC experienced their very first snow of the season while I was there. It totally gave me a warm Christmassy feeling inside...so along with boots, pashminas, and assorted fun stuff Keith and I have also returned ready to spread a little holiday cheer. Probably a bit more me than Keith...But I say, be cheery or die!

On the agenda...work...ugh:( why do I always say no clients in December and end up with clients in December) Either it's my inability to say no...or I just can't refuse a fun job. To my clients...Thanks for inviting me into your world...business and otherwise.

2nd movie review...Yes, I did manage to see another one, although I hadn't planned to see it. Right place and time kinda thing.

A holiday project...this is a share

and maybe a little garden chat

*btw the tiny pic above is Rodeo Drive at Christmas...just steps from where I work and about a mile from where I live. It ain't New York...but I love LA all the same. Gonna try and take some holiday pics that show off my beloved home city this season.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had been there!
XOXO Monica

Anonymous said...

That was meant for the post about lunch at The Grove... dumb me!
XOXO Monica