too blessed to be stressed?

I've come across this phrase a few times this week...and no, it wasn't in church. I'm hardly the type who goes around spreading the word...you know, the "word." But I do wholeheartedly believe, as this year rapidly draws to a close, that yes indeed, I am in fact way too blessed to be stressed...blessed with friends whom I adore, an amazing family, a husband who tries so hard to make me happy... a beautiful dog who likes to lay beside me. Sometimes it's hard but the blessings are there...pass the traffic, amidst the crowds, beyond the dwindling bank accounts, if you can't find them...create them...isn't that what we do...we create...

Sap aside...Happy holidays folks! I didn't get to half the things I hoped to accomplish on this blog before year-end...but I would be remiss if I didn't get to Thank You. Thanks for reading, and stalking and emailing to remind me to post and showing interest in my art and signing up for my classes. Thanks...my cup runneth over.


suzi finer said...

Happy Holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the blogging in 2008!
Happy Holidays France!