art journal take 1

A few posts ago...meaning, the first of the year, I decided to begin an art journal. I thought about doing it last year, but well, you know how that goes. Therefore, in an effort to explore my art and love of words, I decided to create an art journal consisting of a monthly entry based on a simple word.

Why words? Well, The English Lit background has a great deal to do with it...the book a day for years and years has a bit to do with it as well. I am a word lover...and if you are as well, feel free to participate. There are other word challenges out there like this one and this one. I just wanted to do something more personal. February's word: satisfied.

BTW if you are interested in words and where they come from the OED site has a wonderful "word of the day" thing you can subscribe to.


Kim said...

Cool blog! I bookmarked ya. :)

Nicole said...

I am a writer, so I totally feel your obsession with words. I started an art journal too, but never considered adding certain words. I might just follow in suit, so thank you for sharing!

I loved your blog and will definitely be back!

pam said...

Thanks for the hook up with the Word of the Day. I signed up for that, cool!