a little spring cleaning...

so it's pretty late here in my hood... been working so much that sleep is kinda hard to come by. I'm nocturnal anyway but lately it hasn't really been by choice. I have found that late nights are perfect for introspection. Thinking a lot about life and feeling the need to get my ducks in a row. This isn't quite as monumental as I'm making it sound. I just happen to happen to excel at dramatic declarations.

Truth is, springtime is as good as any to toss out the old and plan for the new. Got some short term and a few long term and amidst the planning I've been thinking about this blog. Can't believe I've posted more than 100 times...but this is officially post #102. You proud? I am. I'm not always very good at sticking to things. Truth be told, I'm a passing fancy kinda gal. But I've enjoyed blogging...enjoyed reading them and writing my own...but I find it's time to do things a bit different.

How about less rambling? Good, right? More crafty projects...more pics of said crafty projects. The fact is a lot of my intentions don't really fit into my life...like the whole "wedding wednesday" thing. Frankly I don't have the time so it's done. Instead I will share my favorite wedding sites. You can check out the links along the side. Oh, and if you have a weddingy question...especially one involving paper, ask away.

I don't really know where this blog is heading...but I do thank my handful of readers for being so nice and humoring me.


Hey Harriet said...

Wow! 102 posts! I'm impressed. Congrats on that. Your blog is a joy to read :o)

Sara said...

hey friend, just thought I would let you know I was thinking about you today and wishing you could help me sew some coasters. I enjoy your blog--and your cute new birdie!