two...two...two posts in one

This is practically unprecedented...2 posts in 1 day. I think maybe once before...I can't remember, but in any case it's very rare. I realized that April is almost over. Sheesh, how did that happen? Mother's Day is in a little over two weeks. That holiday just loves to sneak up on me. Every year. So I sat down and churned out a bunch of cards using the sentiments I made. It was superfun. I just used bits and pieces of paper that I already have. I also used Paper Source's new Eco White Cardstock. I have this thing where I only buy A7 (5x7) folded cards...and then I just cut those into any size I want...square, 4bar, A2, A6, long & skinny...you name it. I can turn an A7 into almost anything. That way I invest in one size and use up every little bit. What do I do with the slivers I chop off? I turn them into bookmarks, reminder tags that I stick on my bulletin boards...they also happen to be the perfect size for stamping a small something for cards or tags. Bottom Line. I use what I have, all of what I have, and since I have a lot. Too much in fact. I will be prepping little scrap packs and giving them away. For free. Yup free folks. And I'll be sending them for free too. Why free? Why not. Does that mean I'll be giving away things forever? Yeah...not EVERYTHING (a gal's gotta make a buck) but some things and I encourage you to do the same. Spread a little of your crafty know-how...I love free stuff too.

BTW if you need cardmaking ideas, feel free to jack a card design above. They're super quick and simple...and Mom never has to know how easy it was:)

Ciao Bellas

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