abc's of atc's

I promised Keith I would unplug today...in my world, that means no computery type stuff. No surfing, no blogging, no emailing, no work...but I can't do it until after I post. So here goes...

This is not a super interesting post, but it might be a fun little project if you're in the mood for both fun and little (little being the operative term). A while back I had the pleasure of both taking and later teaching a workshop based on the creation of ATC's. If you've never heard of them, don't worry...cause here's the scoop. ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. These bite size lovelies are basically the same dimensions as a playing card or baseball card (2.5"x3.5") and much like baseball cards they are meant to be traded. You can read a bit more about the history of the ATC by clicking on the link above. My favorite part is that I can be super crafty and artistic but on a much smaller scale. I don't have the time these days to pull out my canvasses, paints and brushes...so these babies give me a way to be crafty with considerably less clean up. One might be wondering what one does with all these little masterpieces when one finishes...well that's up to you. I like to frame them...hang them from some ribbon using itty bitty clothes pins. Line a bunch of them up to create a larger piece of art. I love seeing Kristina's all lined up. I'm currently working on a series of them for my Bruce Mau project.

Here's a brief photo tutorial:

click photo to enlarge

And if that wasn't enough...I'm giving away a pouch full o' paper so you can make your own pieces of art. If you live in the US and you want one... just email me and you get a little packet all your own...for free. It's on me. Have fun, and if you do decide to make an ATC or two send me a pic and I'll post it.

**Edited to Add...These free promo packs are now gone:( But I am selling a new and improved version here.

now I'm off to do some non computer based activity....


Anonymous said...

how did i miss this??? i want one. free supplies! that's right in my budget! gracias.

bananafish said...

email me your address and I'll send you one.