tgif...this is gonna be a lengthy ramble yo

hhhmmm....so this week is just about over. not much to report. A lot of work. haven't made any progress on my "for fun" projects. NSD (national scrapbook day) went totally unobserved. I was absent for the weekend so I just completely missed out on the revelry. I thought to pay tribute upon my return, but promptly forgot.

In other news...I have abandoned my daily dose of hollywood gossip for more respectable fare. Election '08. Those that know me are aware of my position and that I am obsessed with politics right now. I just haven't been sharing much on the old blog since...#1. I know you folks probably don't care and #2. I don't care to enter into a dialogue with a contrary minded blog follower. I try to avoid confrontation if at all possible.

That said Keith and I had quite a night this past Tuesday. Stuff of the political junkie's dreams. I have a major crush on Keith Olberman and have found myself much more interested in Rachel Maddow than Perez Hilton. I am of the opinion that it doesn't matter where one gets their drama, for me, it's politics. And since it's not fun unless you know the process, Keith (my hubby, not my crush) and I have been very dedicated pupils. We both find ourselves debating many topics with the regular pundits from the comfort of our livingroom couch.

And just in case anybody out there was wondering what Mr. Obama was doing on the evening of the North Carolina and Indiana primaries? We happen to know for a fact that he was responding favorably and accepting Keith's Linked In invitation. How thoughtful:)

Despite my resurrected love of politics I am still finding a bit of time here and there to worship at the alter of reality tv thanks to my BFF Tivo. So if you care...here's my weekly recap:


American Idol: Whack. I'm so over it. Thank heavens that dread guy left. Was it just me or did he always seem just a little bit...uhm...I don't know...HIGH? Oh...and if I have to bear witness to little Archuleta shrugging his shoulders in utter amazement that he's safe although he's NEVER been in the bottom two. I may puke...really I may just puke.

The Hills: Lauren...I have, much like a superdelegate, decided to switch my allegiance to Heidiwood. Sorry, but I don't like you. I will continue to watch your show because it's highly entertaining and appeals to the darker corners of my psyche, but I wish you and Lo would just go jump in a lake or that reservoir you gals love hiking around. Audrina's okay. Dig the hair Justin Bobby. Kudos on the Las Vegas gig Heidi and Spencer...no comment. Incidentally...I don't care if the show is fake. It's oh so real to me.

Workout: Geez, Jackie. Wassup with talking shiznit about the cancer survivor. No amount of editing or your faithful Lisa taking the wrap can help cover up the fact that you participated in that little bash session. Don't say you didn't cause I know ya did. BTW I had to rewind the whole Peeler confrontation several times just to watch him say "peace out , bitch" again and again. Oh...it really is the little things in life that make me happy.

ANTM: TyTy I can't stand you, but I am happy that you sent little miss I refer to myself in third person Dominique home. She looked almost as old as me DAYUM. As for the remaining ladies...whatevs. I was over it when you sent the chick home whose name you could never pronounce...I'll just call her Kat. I suppose Anya will do. The weird accent is growing on me.

Top Chef: Dale, I can't believe you said the F word in front of Tom Colicchio, but you're still a really good cook. I would be pissed off too if I got stuck with those jokers. That groom's cake looked jacked up, but so do all my cakes and they never taste good. I think Richard and Stephanie are my favorite with Dale and Antonia as the dark horses. the rest should just pack up their knives and vamoose.

Hell's Kitchen: Sweet Sixteen's are for the birds. That mom's pinched face made me lose my appetite. I can't believe Matty pulled that one out. If he really does do better on the girls team he will make the guys look like idiots...oh wait....he won't do well cause he sucks and the guys already do look like idiots. Gordon...you better throw some meat against the wall next week or I'm done.

A short response to those who think reality tv is time suckage...I agree. I've made peace with it.

And that my friends...is all there is.


Sara Martin said...

so, i totally agree with you on your views of America Idol and Top Chef. I really want Stephanie to win and I am voting for David Cook though, though it seems a shoe in. wish we could watch together.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recap on my faves.I haven't had time to watch any even on TIVO, my BFF as well.
As far as the politics you would think I would have some opinions but my kids actually know more about the candidates than I, and they have already formed their own opinions. I am happy in my bubble.