"I use contrary-ism in every part of my life. In design ... I'm always trying
to turn things upside down and see if they look any better,"
-tibor kalman

A while back, just before I had made the decision to switch career paths and become a graphic designer, I met my husband. He supported the idea from the beginning often introducing me to designers and creative thinkers I had never heard of. It was through him that I met Mau and it is also when I met Tibor.

It is an interesting thing to decide upon a new career when many around you are having children, buying homes, getting promoted...and there you are...starting from scratch...again. I was never the sort to be okay with things. If I was unhappy I found a way to get happy. I think I got that "do it yourself " attitude from my mother. So, forsaking, travel, money, and other things...I went for it and have never looked back. I won't bore you and go on and on about my passion for design...for me, it isn't just what I do it's who I am. It consists of principles I try to live my life by every single day. Uniting my love of images with words. Applying social commentary to the mundane and elevating the ordinary to the level of art. There are designers out there changing minds. Tibor is one designer who changed mine.

A couple years after our first meeting I rediscovered the book that my husband had shown me and in it I found a hero. Some might think it is an easy thing to cause trouble..to push against what suppresses you...to gnaw at the ropes and rock that almighty boat... but I don't. I would imagine it is a lonely place. It is hard to stir and agitate... to force those, who can't or won't look... to see. As a designer, it is my deepest, dearest wish to be honest and to avoid despicable pretense to lay bare to the world my small idea and watch as it catches fire.

He died May 2, 1999. Today I just felt like remembering him.

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