am i still a scrapbooker?

I know, weird question and also rhetorical since I'm not expecting a response from the webby abyss. I pose the question because a few days ago a friend asked me and I really didn't know how to respond without addressing the issue on a larger scale. I haven't the stomach for small talk. But, despite this, I stumbled and stuttered as her brows inched up and said in a very unnatural sounding voice. "uh, not really, but kinda." She smirked as though she new all along that it was just a phase akin to doc martins and acrylic nails.

Was it? Just a phase. I hope not since I have a crapload of stuff...but is the fact that I have an obscene amount of supplies enough to keep me going? Am I scrapbooker? Was I ever really one to begin with? Was I always slightly uncomfortable with that label?

The truth is, I never really took it too seriously. The pages in the scrapbook magazines seemed just a touch too Pottery Barn-ish. I mean to be that kind of scrapper, to care that much about it. I didn't, I don't and I just can't force it. Maybe that's why I always felt a little on the outside of the whole scrap phenomenon. I just couldn't really squeeze the square peg that I am into that round hole. The fact is I probably shouldn't have been bothering with magazines anyway. Sure they're inspiring, but I'd rather be living my life...and if I get some time in between then I'll try to do what I can with some scraps, some glue, a photo or two and a nice little story. That's enough.

That mini binder above from Staples is home to my current scrapbook. My pages are all different sizes and I display the book horizontally. I rarely use page protectors although they do exist for this size. Sometimes I just write. I include the good, the bad and the ugly. I tell the truth in that little book. I don't know if it's a scrapbook, but it is a piece of me. Perhaps in the same way scrapbooking is...occupying a small but fervent corner of my heart.

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Anonymous said...

France- I have that same question for myself. In my mind I believe I am still a scrapbooker, although like you, I don't admit it too often. I think I feel a need to justify my vast amount of scrapbook supplies by telling myself I will get back to scrapbooking one day. At least we can use some of our amazing things for making cards. So maybe we are simply card makers (?)..for now.
Whatever you do,you do it well!