Every Thursday henceforth shall be devoted to my love of typography. Like most designers I adore a good typeface...I mean really, you don't have to be a designer to appreciate typography. Way before I knew what I would or could be, I spent hours clipping letters from a stack of W's and Harper's Bazaar I found near the dumpster behind my home. I would arrange the varying bits of type into words I loved and then displayed them in cheap picture frames. I still do this by the way. I think my fascination for type grew out of my love for words and that began in the womb thanks to my mom. Like any font junkie I have an obscene amount of fonts. So many that I am forced to store most of them on cd's. But, just because I have a lot doesn't mean I'm not always constantly on the hunt for new ones. That brings me to today's spotlight:

I have this recurring dream that I will meet Ale in Buenos Aires when I go in October and we'll have coffee at a local cafe and spend hours talking about design and typography. He is only a year older then me and I think I could convince him to become my best friend and then force him to design fonts just for me...hhhmmm

Anyway... his fonts are pricey...I don't own Affair...but I am looking for any excuse and I mean ANY excuse to buy it. I mean...if it's hot tomorrow, I'm getting it.

BTW he's also the genius behind this, this and this.

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