#1 i love lists

#2 even though I've read everything from mysteries to science fiction, I still adore historical romance

#3 i have a rather large vocabulary...most of the words are no longer used

#4 i took latin in school

#5 i laugh at inappropriate moments

#6 i've never been out of the country

#7 my favorite city is NYC...bust I haven't seen all of them yet so that's a tentative fave

#8 i don't think i could ever become a vegetarian...even though i love animals

#9 i'm a liberal

#10 i like humor that includes a bit of social commentary

#11 i am a charlotte with a bit of samantha thrown in

#12 i can read the same books and see the same movies over and over again

#13 i'm actually a pretty good singer, but i have horrible stagefright

#14 i really like handbags and the color green

#15 i like gold, but i love silver

#16 i have inherited my mom's love of telling stories
but, like her, tend to be long winded

#17 i'm a loner, but not lonely

#18 i know more about science then i let on

#19 i often threaten to cut, punch, stab, strangle, shank or shoot people
...but only quietly in my head

#20 the characteristic I find most beautiful is kindness followed by compassion

#21 i use the word hate a lot...but rarely ever mean it

#22 i use the word love a lot too...and always mean it

#23 in high school i was voted most likely to become the first female president

#24 i have a thing for orange soda and pumpkin seeds

#25 i don't really like children

#26 except for the ones that belong to my sister

#27 i am super close to my family

#28 i look exactly like the grandmother i've never met

#29 i still miss my grandfather everyday

#30 i've been married twice

#31 i'm moody and dramatic which i chalk up to being an artist

#32 i have a ferocious temper, but rarely get angry

#33 if there was a soundtrack to my life it would be mostly nina simone with a bit of
80's pop for good measure

#34 entitlement and greed are the traits i most despise in others

#35 i'm not particularly good at any games that involve other people


adelle louise said...

#36 Happy Birthday France! I hope your day is filled with magical surprises, wonderful kisses and delicious food. Here's to another year.

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Happy birthday!
You've not been to Belize?
Why Argentina?
Those cute kids aren't yours?
Hope this isn't too many questions. Just intrigued by your list. I wonder if I can think of 37 things for myself... I'll have to start from now, over one month in advance!

bananafish said...

no haven't been to Belize.
Argentina? because my bro-in-law owns a couple of apartments so it's relatively inexpensive to come here.
no...those aren't my kiddos...they're my sisters. I love asking questions so I certainly don't mind answering them:)


Al said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Well,I'm late, not your birthday!LOL! Anyhow, you know what I mean!! Can't wait to read about Argentina!!