day until my birthday. My mom is making me a big Belizean dinner, since I love Belizean food and nobody makes it better than my mom. Keith is taking me somewhere that is currently a secret and like I told you it will almost certainly be hot. By this time next week I will be preparing to land in Argentina...I think we'll be arriving at some god awful early morning hour...but I will admit, it's gonna be nice to get out of the US for a while.

I am still on track with my "week in the life" project. The photo above is my nightstand. A cheap round table from Ikea that I actually painted a deep chocolate brown. I will be getting a new one soon, but it has served me well. I have so much junk on that little table. An extra pair of glasses, sunglasses, lotion, two books...one of which is Edwin Mullhouse, a notebook for ideas I get in the middle of the night, two pair of nail clippers, assorted baubles...junk I tell you...but it all represents my life...as is.


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Are you Belizean? I've been there twice. I love it! I was in Punta Gorda for a month on a project and in Belize City for a conference. And I loved Andy Palacios.

bananafish said...

yup...on my mother's side, Belizean and proud:) my family hails from San Ignacio which is on the Western end of the country and is capital of the Cayo district.

the country is such a rich and beautiful mix of people. The mayan, mexican, garifuna...even the chinese:) I'm surprised you know it since most people i've met aren't even sure where Belize is on a map;)