not quite gaga for goop

I have never been a fan of all things Gwynnie. Not because I know her and dislike her, but rather I find her a bit too perfect. Too tall, Too well dressed, Too privileged, Too Famous. What is it in us that makes us despise the qualities in others that we would wish for in ourselves? I am old, well older, and a bit too smart to continue my dislike of Gwyneth for no good reason...so, I have decided to give her a chance and I am starting by checking out her new site GOOP. I know funny name...but I fancy saying it. Feels nice on the lips. It's got a nice pop.

Check it out, perhaps you'll like it, perhaps not, but for me...life is all about giving things a chance. So although I'm not quite over the moon yet...I'm willing to see how things go...I'm certain Gwynnie would be pleased ;)

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Dariela said...

Ok I went for it, never heard about it, let's see what it is when it comes out!