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So our brief visit to Atlanta has come to an end and we have returned to LA safe and sound. I must say that I was not prepared to like the southern city nearly as much as I did. Perhaps my love has to do with the fact that it is still shrouded in mystery. Newness makes every love affair a bit nicer, no? Anyway...a bit about the city from a first timer's standpoint:

We stayed at the Intercontinental, but I would have been pleased as punch to halt the apartment hunting and just live there.

Atlanta has more trees than I could have ever imagined. If I had to describe it I would say, it looks like a blooming city built in Central Park amidst trees, bridges and small creeks. This photo was taken from my hotel room on the 20th floor. Incidentally, rumor has it...Bill Clinton was near by aiding Senator Martin. We also had a nice chat with Mayweather on the elevator...at least Keith did. I had no idea who he was.

The service and food are spectacular. We dined at a couple different restaurant and they were all exceptional. I especially loved the prices.

Rick Hamilton. Amazing. If you ever need a realtor in the Atlanta area he is the best. He took us to ten different locations and was responsible for helping us find our new home. He even took us to a little soiree at the Adac to celebrate his friend's new store. By the way...his house was around the corner form ours, but man. whoa. Architectural Digest material. SERIOUSLY FABULOUS.

We are now in serious pack mode. The movers are coming on Monday to survey and will be back to load on the 4th. Akira is getting used to her transport crate and we are trying to decide...to drug or not to drug...any suggestions?

We are intending to purchase new furniture...so that is taking up a bit of time. It's all good...we are super excited. Oh and if I owe you an email, it is forthcoming...I just need to get my bearings.

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