the big reveal

After exactly 62 days in a new home my studio is very near complete. I am waffling on the idea of curtains even though I'm sitting on 6 yards of very cute fabric and I have yet to buy a rug. But, as I see it, a rug on top of a rug isn't an absolute necessity. I want it more for color than comfort.

So, unless otherwise noted, all furniture was bought at Ikea and made by your's truly.

This is the view from the door. The desk is about 72" long and 37" high. I prefer to work standing up so the height is ideal. My printer and scanner are underneath. Everything beneath the table came from my old space. The room measures approximately 11x11.

The bookshelves to the right of the desk are actually two narrow shelves because I couldn't wait for the larger one to come back in stock.

this is the view from the corner when standing where the bookshelves are. Those drawers hold all of my stationery and cardmaking supplies. You can kinda see the TV through the doors. Oh and that little beauty in the corner brews tea. It was a great gift from my brother in law.

The closet is to the right of the chest and to the left of the desk. It houses all of my fabric, yarn, and packing supplies. It is also home to a bunch of smaller supplies that I seldom use but want to keep, like drawing pencils. I also have my flat paper in there although you can't see it, because it's on the side. It's much deeper than it looks.

Here's a head on shot of the bookshelves. The small plastic drawers house smaller embellishments that I tend to use a lot. The lower shelves are mostly idea books, design books and some of my favorite magazines.

This is on the wall across from the desk to the left of the door. The paper cubes in the corner were the most expensive thing I ended up buying for this room. That bin of rolled paper in the corner is actually in front of the double doors. I just never open that particular door. All the upper bins on the wire shelf are for stamp storage. The small table in front of the window is where I do most of my computery type work. I also like to just sit there and stare out the window. I love that this room gets so much light.

A closeup of my stamp shelf. I have way more stamps, but these are the ones I use over and over. You'd never guess, but those shelves are actually wooden drawer organizers I bought on clearance at Target and painted white.

the cube corner a bit closer. That's where all the scrapbook paper lives as well as craft magazines.

This is a closeup of the left hand side of my desk. Those shelves are actually made for shoes. I love being able to repurpose things.

So there you have it. Nothing fancy. Just clean and simple. I ended up using pretty much everything from my old space the only additional purchases were:

the long desk
the small table in front of the window and the chair
the two narrow bookcases
the four cubes where I store 12x12 paper
and a few small odds and ends.


Dariela said...

WOW!!! You are so organized!!! I love it. That is a lot of work, I bet it feels great to start fresh and organized after that move!! Thanks for showing us and detailing it. I like how you use pieces for a different use than the one is made to be.

Anonymous said...

Love the bright airy space you created. Don't you love, love, love natural light? It does wonders for the mood. Great idea with the drawer organizers. I never would have thought of that! It looks like everything is so easy to see, and get to, clean and neatly organized. Great job!

Sara Martin said...

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Anonymous said...

wow can i come play?!!!

april said...

oh, wow. you are so organized. I can't believe how much stuff is there! amazing! and pretty, too! looks like you have lots of natural light

Davinie said...

I'm almost finished with my room and this is very inspiring! I want to know what type of cube you are using for your 12x12 paper. I think I need one of those.

bananafish said...

thanks for all the props ladies. It took FORever, but it's done now. YAY!
It will stay that organized for about a week. I'm not a naturally organized gal although I love the look of it. I'm all about artistic chaos:)

Davinie...I got those cubes from target...they cost about $23. They have them at Michael's too, but for $30 something....even with a 40%off coupon it was still cheaper to get them from target. I think they may be on sale for about $20. Can you tell I'm a bargain hunter? Let me know how your renovations turn out.

Kimberly said...

Ohhhhhh...this is GLORIOUS!!!! How do you ever leave that room? What fun! Love the brightness you have in your room too...it is just BEAUTIFUL!!! xoxo

Ally said...

Congrats on getting set up - I'm sure that feels great!

Jenn said...

Your studio looks gorgeous! I'd love to be (and stay) so organized. So glad you shared with us!

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Awesome studio!! I'd be afraid to mess it up!! I love the "shoe/scrap" shelves - I have some of those I am not using,,,hmmm - you've inspired me!! TFS

Kristin said...

Oh! I love it! that stamp shelf is a fabulous idea! how totally creative. Congrats on getting everything up and settled!

rae events said...

i am DROOOOLING at your studio. what an incredible job you have done!!! it is everything i would hope my work space would be...bright, organized, clean, and simple. everything has a place...even those annoying little hard-to-find-a-place-for things. what an inspiration you are!!! thanks for sharing :)