diy wedding week

It's that time again. Did you know that March is officially DIY wedding month? I didn't either until I discovered it just about a year ago here and figured it was as good a time as any. I have a soft spot for weddings as some of you may know. Perhaps it has to do with spending several years working for a company whose motto was "do something creative everyday."

I really love Wedding Season. In the stationery industry, it's like Christmas and New Year all rolled into one crazy holiday that lasts about a month. PS is a leader in providing beautiful custom letterpress and letterpress kits. They are especially known for being a DIY heaven. Simply because they make it so easy for you. I would spend my days and nights discussing cover weight vs text, envelopes and liners, matting and flush mounting, tools, ribbons and tape oh my. If I wasn't an expert before, you better believe after my first wedding season...I had tested and tried just about everything myself so I would know just what to tell my clients.

So, thinking it might be a good idea to give clients a simple alternative to the classic invitation, I asked my manager if i could teach a new workshop. He said yes and"Simple Wedding Invites" was born. I would spend Sundays and Wednesday talking about everything from tools to trim. It was great giving budget conscious couples an alternative to the ever popular letterpress and the information and confidence they needed to do some of it themselves. That's not to say we all didn't covet wonderfully delicious letterpress invitations...but when you have small budget, or you would rather spend your carefully saved pennies on something other than paper it just isn't practical. As a matter of fact many people found it wasteful to spend so much on something that just about everyone (except maybe your mom) ended up throwing away. Sad but true. Whether you paid 200 or 2000 they all end up in the recycling bin.

Now for some more truth,,,this is a little easier to take:) In addition to serving a practical purpose, the paper products at your wedding easily can become part of your decor and is indicative of your very personal style. If you've ever flipped through Martha Stewart Wedding you are most likely familiar with some of the amazing and lovely things that can be accomplished with paper. So...if you have already made the decision to do it yourself and have stumbled upon my blog, you may want to come back tomorrow....and maybe even the next day because I intend to share a lot and trust me... a girl learns a lot after spending several years advising Beverly Hills brides and grooms on the what, how and why of DIY. Now I won't be talking favors, flowers or fashion...but if you want to know about paper...Stay tuned.

Tuesday................Tools of the Trade
Wednesday..........Invitations + Save the Dates
Thursday..............Tags, Labels + Monograms
Friday...................Programs, Placecards + Menus
Saturday...............Envelopes + Etiquette
Sunday..................List of Resources

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