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I have long been a fan of this London based design studio but the recent work they did for HBO's new series No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency is breathtaking. I am especially fond of the end sequence. If you have time hit menu and check out the images...they are beautiful.

Modern Vintage

I love it.

Incidentally...Jill Scott is a revelation. This sweet new series based on the books by
Alexander McCall is warm and beautiful. If you are expecting CSI you're gonna be disappointed...the mysteries are a bit soft more akin to older detective shows based on hijinks and humour rather than autopsies and forensic science...but don't let that stop you...its goodness makes it great.


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

This is beautiful. Is it available as a poster or print or anything?

I haven't listened to Jill Scott since Who is Jill Scott? which still ranks high on my all time favourite albums.

And of course thanks a ton for all the goodies! You are so so kind and generous!!!

bananafish said...

i love jill scott. as for the prints...i don't know, they do sell merchandise, but i didn't check if they had this image in particular.

adelle louise said...

I read that book last year and I loved it. It's a perfect summer read.

Adam said...

this is great.can i take a print out?

bananafish said...

hi adam,

this image doesn't belong to me so I can't give you permission...I'm sure nobody would mind, or know if you printed it out for yourself:) the image belongs to http://www.airside.co.uk/

Dariela said...

I saw this post when you put it up and then I saw the series in HBO and started watching it and I LOVE it!!! I love how it's so different than others and fresh, and the music, and the way I see a little bit of Africa thru the show. I'll be posting about this for sure too! Thanks France!!