neither cool nor crafty

that is precisely how I would describe things around here. I haven't had much in the way of blogworthy news to share. I am making stuff, but there isn't much worth sharing at this stage.

On Thursday I attended part II of my knitting workshop. We worked on a variety of increases and decreases...yarn overs, slip slip knits and I figured out what I did wrong with my hat. I guess this is something that would fall under the category of cool and crafty. The workspace at Knitch is so warm and inviting. I adore knitting when surrounded by such loveliness.

On Friday my father totally blew me away with a surprise gift. The gift being a beautiful 17" laptop. It is a PC so there was definitely a learning curve but I have a handle on it and am liking it very much. I spent the weekend playing with it. I am now able to use the Mac just for work and the new girl, which I've taken to calling Rose, for my extracurriculars. I have been thinking of loading it with the Adobe creative suite but have heard that is doesn't play nice with Vista. If you are using your creative suite with a windows platform let me know what you think. I may just add Photoshop but I haven't really decided yet.

On Saturday Keith and I attended a Masters' cookout which consisted of more wine drinking and burger eating than Master's watching, but it was fun. It's nice getting to know people out here in Atlanta. It was also kinda cool actually being in the same beautiful state where the Masters is played . I'm not a fan of the Augusta club since they have a history of discrimination, but it is a beautiful course and truly representative of the state from a botanical standpoint.Link
On Sunday, I slept in and resumed watching the Masters but stopped after Tiger and Mickelson blew their chances. I spent the rest of the day crocheting and listening to random bits of television.

Today I awoke to thunder, rain and coldness. All the rumbling makes Akira go bat shit which is so annoying since she is inconsolable. I try to calm her but she is in panic mode. It's a lazy sort of day...unfortunately we are expecting guests later this week so I can't really laze. I have a laundry list of things I need to get done...which does not include anything fun like nap or knit.
So...I hope to get back to blogging a bit more regularly...but you know how that goes...


rae events said...

i use adobe photoshop elements on my pc (with vista) and it's great. no problems.

bananafish said...

good to know...i will be adding cs3 since elements doesn't run actions...but i don't see why that should make a difference.