tutorial tuesday

I happen to be pretty fond of tutorials and since I can often be found touring the web I have discovered some nice ones. So...since I haven't done much in the way of craftiness myself I thought it would be a grand idea to share the craftiness of others as I sit and await a bit of inspiration.

the envelope bag
this is a very good one but I will tell you, it works best with larger envelopes and a square flap rather than the pointed European flap...but that may be a preference of mine.

fabric covered tack:
also a very good tutorial except I don't care to make tacks...I prefer using them to make the oh so popular fabric covered brads.

the bouquet box:
a delightful idea and would be lovely at a garden party or spring wedding...it would be very easy to turn these lovelies into place cards.

this isn't a tutorial, but I fancied the idea of turning my small bits of fabric into art. All you would need is a foam core backing for the pretty pins to sink into and some pinking shears. This would be nice with paper as well...just need the pinking craft scissors. (don't use your fabric shears).

I also thought this huge list of printable tags were fabulous as well...who doesn't love a free tag.


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