in the midst of mini's

mini books that is. I will be adding three new ones to the shop tomorrow along with additional papery goodness. I have to say the most taxing part of the whole etsy thing is the picture taking/description/ uploading bit. Perhaps only I find it taxing. For all my professional training, I am not a very good copywriter. I leave that stuff to Keith who is an expert at succinctly selling an item using words. That's a talent I really wish I possessed but I'm more the ramble on about nothing sort. I must be happy that I can at least arrange those words into a typographic masterpiece. Ha...I usually just spend my time squeezing too many words into too little space...not exactly Rembrandt.

Anyway, I have Little Women on in the background. The Winona version, not the Liz Taylor version. I don't like the Jo character in the earlier one...her voice bugs me. So does Miley Cyrus' voice but...whatevs. I always bristle over the fact that Jo chooses the German over Laurie. I reread the book every Christmas. I need to take a picture of the book. I own a beautifully illuminated version that I won't crack...I prefer the paperback that I had to restore with packing tape. So much for my limited bookbinding experience. Whatever happened to Winona Ryder? I'm about to switch to Mona Lisa Smile and then maybe a little Sense and sensibility for good measure. A winning trifecta if you ask me.

It looks like it might rain here. Again. That's okay...I need the light for picture taking. Back to work.


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