camera crisis

this cute orange and gray mini was my favorite

what does one do when one has a big shop update and one's camera decides to die. You swear. That's what you do...and then you forage deep in your purse for the little camera you keep for pics on the fly. The little camera that happens to be inferior, or perhaps the user's ability is inferior. Anyway, the photos I took are sad. So sad that I took far fewer than I normally do.

I can't believe my better camera takes batteries...clearly it's not that much better, but it works, at least for me. Since Keith had the car today and I don't really live within walking distance to a store that carries lithium batteries...there I was snapping away with my second choice camera. I tried to fix things in photoshop but the fixing was taking FORever...so I gave up.

Tomorrow I will post new and improved pictures, but today I will thank everyone who decided to pay me a visit and make a purchase. I promise everything will look better in person.


Lacy said...

Couldn't resist, I bought another of your mini's! :) So excited about it.

malou said...

Me,too! I have bought two! Love 'em!

Illinivicki said...

Girrrrlll~ I love, love, love that orange and gray mini. Will it be for sale in your shop? I looked, but it is not there. Thanks!