at least it feels like I'm drowning beneath the weight of all my current projects. I'm the sort that likes to spring clean in the fall. I think I wrote a post about it a while back. My birthday is at the beginning of October, therefore, it always feels like a fresh start to me...like springtime, but better.

Why so few blog posts? Well, Ive been spending my days and nights clearing out my inbox, streamlining how I handle the mailing of orders, dealing with day job clients, figuring out exactly how many rounds and stitches it took to complete a supercute slouchy hat I crocheted last year, finishing things up for the Fall shop update, writing a list of what I need from PS when I go in and work a few hours on Saturday, trying to complete my own "Hello Fall" mini... and that's just on the creative/work side. On the personal tip, I managed to completely rid the pantry and fridge of junk and spent a rainy last Saturday restocking with fruit, veggies and non frozen fare. I then spent Sunday cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom. I've got a lot going on but the priority has to be health.

Speaking of rain, it is raining buckets out here. The photo up top is the view from my sunroom. That area extends right off my deck, but luckily I am two stories high. I'm not use to rain like this. As a So Cal girl I'm all about earthquakes and wildfires. Torrential downpours, while nice for a bit, become a nuisance rather quickly. Keith and I are taking Akira to the vet tomorrow to get her some doggie Xanax because girlfriend is straight trippin because of the thunder and lightening. If you have never witnessed such a thing, I assure you, it is a spectacle. She is out of her mind with terror and we are truly afraid that at her age she is in serious danger of giving herself a heart attack. Either that or her head will explode. K and I haven't had a decent night's sleep in a while.

So that it, that's what's up. I plan on posting a bit more regularly now that I have more time.

Uh oh...I just heard some low rumbling...I hope Akira didn't

BTW...check out this Bananafish mini created by Tracy. See the book in it entirety here

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