lucky girl

what an honor to be featured on one of my all time favorite blogs. A while back Danni let me know how much she loved my ledger tags...and, wanting to spread a bit of love myself, sent her a package. She is being Oh so kind and sharing some with one of her readers. if you head on over there...you might get lucky + she has tons of eye candy to keep you occupied.

In other news...my fall shop update was a success. My only regret is that it was so small because of the great big move. I also had to push back my ship date a bit, but I hope that every one will find that the wait was worth it. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! etsy customers for being kind, supportive and patient:)

I am currently in Seattle writing this from my room at Hotel Andra...a super cute boutique hotel. Yesterday was a total bust in the house hunting department and Keith and I were both feeling a bit discouraged. That all changed today...it's not official, but I think we may just have found our new home...it's in the works and I don't want to jinx it, but it's entirely possible we could find ourselves living across the street from here.

No matter what happens, this girl is feeling pretty lucky.


Anonymous said...

Wow, lucky you, an amazing move AND a great blog mention, all in the same week! I love that blog and forgot about it for awhile. Your ledger notes deserve all the praise, they are adorable. You must be exhausted from moving from coast to coast.OY!
I'll cross my fingers for the house hunting!

Anonymous said...

these are SO cute. when I scoped em out on "oh, hello friend" I couldnt help but follow her link to you. LOVE your work! keep it up!