a letter to my blog

Dear terribly neglected blog,

Please accept my sincerest apologies. I have a very good excuse for my absence although you may not see it as such since you have a bit of experience with this song and dance. I have spent the last few weeks trying to pack three bedrooms worth of stuff into two bedrooms. Never mind that the square footage is the same, the layout has caused what can best be described as design dilemmas. I hope you don't think that I have forsaken you for some other outlet such as Facebook or Twitter for I have not. While quick and certainly more succinct, they don't provide me with the same feeling as you do. Plus I have trouble being witty when so few characters are allowed.

I know that this apology may seem somewhat familiar as well as the promise to be better and visit more often, but I offer the refrain with every intention of making good on my vow. I am nearly done with what can best be described as an extreme make under and I think you would be delighted with my progress. As we head into the holiday season I will post pictures and record my activities no matter how mundane, and you will find yourself sick of me I'm sure.

So, dear blog, after reading my aforementioned regrets, I do hope you find it in your virtual heart to forgive this faithful patron, and when once again I find myself putting finger to keypad you will happily accept my return and embrace my poor sentence structure and lack of proper punctuation.

All my love,



Dariela said...

You're funny France! We still miss you but understand COMPLETELY what unpacking means!!

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

the blogs says you're forgiven ; )