didn't this use to be a craft blog?

yes, as a matter of fact, it used to be many things: a platform for my dissatisfaction with life, politics, myself, television and books, a record of my daily comings and goings, a visual representation of my current whatever and my journal...just not quite so secret. I suppose I shouldn't say "used to" because it is still and always was all of those things and sometimes a bit more...or less.


There's far less crafty fare than I once upon a time promised in my heading. I should know better than false advertising. I think I managed to correct it. The heading is now far more accurate. I hope to be a more regular blogger as I have received complaints of late that I don't update often enough.

This week:

pictures of some new product headed for the shop

new project pic (yeah I'm making stuff, don't act so surprised)

and maybe a book review if I'm in the mood

okay, that's it....carry on

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Can't wait to see the new stuff in your shop!!