on the nightstand vol. #1

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Allow me to begin by saying that I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what resides perilously close to their heads while they sleep. Much like the contents of a woman's pocketbook the nightstand is a glimpse into our very being. Often times my own nightstand can be found littered with odds and ends: clippers for that pesky hangnail that won't leave you be like a loose tooth or an itch, tissues for early morning sneezing fits, watches, rings and anything else I've removed from my neck, fingers, ear lobes and wrists. Confession. I can't wear jewelry to bed. I'm very unCarrie Bradshaw that way. Then there are the books and pads and writing utensils standing at attention waiting for me to jot down a few lines that will amount to nothing more than nocturnal muttering.

Now, in order to make the game fair, the photo must be accurate. No staging, no prop and lighting crew permitted. It must be laid bare in all it's dusty glory. I will not sort, stack, arrange or remove anything for in so doing I would essentially be creating a work a fiction. I can't complete a noteworthy report if I falsify the evidence now can I?

It may seem as though I'm taking this rather seriously, but it's really just a bit of fun. I don't know that anyone could tell anything about me based on my nightstand but I do think it would be amusing to look back and see what sort of messiness defined my bedtime ritual.

exhibit. A: that would be Sovereign Ladies. A great big book that I am using for research. It is incredibly interesting and a bit dusty like most library tomes.

ex.B: that is one black glove. It is a fabulous tight little glove with a ruffle cuff. I don't know why it's there. It's pair rests across the room.

ex.C: the best OPI nail polish that I hardly ever use. I think it's Barely There. Sexy, huh?

ex.D: a mixed CD that a friend made. I like it. A bit of trivia...that's just a case, the actual CD resides somewhere in the livingroom.

ex.E: my engagement ring. Yes, it's lovely. I never remove my wedding band. Not in the shower, not to sleep. Never.

ex. F: a fragrance called Sparrow. Selling Points; nice smell, the sparrow image that you can see through the liquid on the inside of the bottle.

ex.G: that is another great big book entitled Monarchs of England. More research material.

ex. H: Rosebud lipbalm. It's just there. I don't slather my lips in gloss every night or anything.

ex.I: Adidas headband. I hate hair in my face. I have a lot of hair.

ex.J: cute vase I got at Ikea in the ATL. Another bit of trivia-I have a weird fascination with all the little mock rooms in Ikea. I try to imagine my life in those little rooms. That's why I prefer to go alone.

ex.K: i use index cards as book marks in case I want to write something down. Very scholarly of me, I know. Only problem. I lose those cards all the time.

ex.L: my brief foray into sewing. It's supposed to be a coaster. Whatevs...it works.

So that's it. Perhaps I'll do this again next month. It will be interesting (at least to me) to see the things that remain fixed and those that experience a bit more of a nomadic lifestyle. I didn't really learn much from this exercise. I already knew I was messy, and that I'm always reading several books at once. Perhaps a new series could be called the crap in the basket underneath the nightstand. Next time, maybe.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. What does it mean if you don't even have a night stand. My room is too small. I have a small basket for my books and magazines. I guess that has some sort of meaning eh?

bananafish said...

then you do an "in the basket" post:)

Andie said...

we must have the same taste in scents. marc jacobs and sparrow. i asked for sparrow for christmas!