happy birthday mommy

From time to time I write a post about my mother. This is not the first, not will it be the last. How could it when she is the single most interesting person I have ever known. She walks the line. That thin shadowy line between what is good and what is great. I know, we all have great mother's right? Well...she is more than a mother. Much more.

She has these incredibly long fingers that are graceful and strong. Trust me. I know the strength of those giant hands.

I don't know if I have a photograph of my mother not smiling. She always smiles and it's the good kind that come straight from her heart. My mom is not capable of false sentiment.

She is a reader. She has a love for books that is bone deep and she passed that gift onto me. Oh how I remember nights filled with her glorious voice reading aloud...she is an actress like her mother before her. She made a terrifying villain and a kindhearted princess at once come alive as her little audience sat burning for more. It is pure joy to see her reading for my nephew the same way she read for us and it is not unusual for my mom to break out in spontaneous song or dance.

She taught me that substance is not something you can fabricate. That we must seek friends, not fans. That kindness is vastly superior to brilliance and that we have within ourselves the ability to create an extraordinary life. What a thing to give your child. A clear, complete path to happiness littered with love, hope, magic, laughter and truth.

Happy Birthday Mom

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keith said...

i agree. she's pretty amazing. i couldn't ask for a better mother-in-law.