spring cleaning

Spring has arrived here in Seattle. It's a bit colder than I am used to, but here all the same. It is difficult to be grumpy when flowers are blooming and the sun is out...at least for me. Even though things have been so lovely, I have still managed to find myself a bit unsettled. Perhaps this is a good time to do a little spring cleaning of the soul. That sounds trite, I know...but there's certainly some merit in doing a bit of internal tidying.

So here are a few things i've decided to toss out:

people who push me to do things I don't like to do

sadness...my own and others

reserve...i want to try things. even the things i've said I'd never try

i'm also going to stop listening to people who never really listen to me.

other people's issues...i barely have room for my own

things i've decided to keep:

my love of fast cars and driving said cars

telling it like it is

talking to myself

doing nice things for nice people starting with myself

listening to and loving people that i think are really amazing

i was thinking of tossing out acting my age...but geez... i love my age and acting it is the only thing I've got going for me. Looking forward to starting my Week in the Life project with a clean slate.


Dianna said...

Perfect toss/keep list!
One thing I'm liking about getting older is not needing to use pencil when making those kinds of lists. Finally knowing what I want is pretty darn awesome.

Made any decisions yet about format or materials for next week?

Diana said...

Are you going to do week in the life? I love the idea but just thinking about it overwhelms me. I'm thinking maybe "a DAY in the life" and do it on an individual basis for each family member (not sure I would cover DH's day though).
Anyway, I love your toss/keep list. Again, inspiration for (yet another) "all about me" scrapbook page...
We are definitely on the same wavelength with these types of thoughts--must be our similar age--and of course, great minds and all that (lol).