like you care

so i sent a little notification out to friends, clients and a few other acquaintances humbly requesting that all further technologically based correspondence take place via email. my daily comings and goings would still be overly exposed on both twitter and the BF blog.

I don't have very many friends, clients or acquaintances so this was generally accepted sans objection. for the most part. i received one lone email from a very good friend stating this...
"so what, do you think you're too good for facebook" to which I responded, in short...

no. quite the opposite.

here's why:

i don't have any cute pet/baby photos to post

i don't really like those anyway

i'm not particularly witty

the minutia of daily living is not on my preferred reading list

i cant bear to update with observations like "man, it's hot"

i've already done that and wanna punch myself in the face for it

i'm secretive in a very unhipstery kind of way

the inside jokes/cryptic updates are just too inside and cryptic for me

i never benefit from links because i rarely visit them.

my facebook friends lead way more interesting lives than i do or at least they're better writers

it doesn't make me feel connected to anything

in fact, it makes me feel disconnected

my mundane isn't clever mundane. it's just mundane

so you see facebook, when i say it's not you it's me, i really mean that. I'm not good enough for you, i'm not funny enough for you and by that i mean i'm way too good for you and well still not funny enough but you get it right. you still have plenty of people who friggin adore the heck out of you and will keep updating every last detail of their lives. i hope you guys are very happy together. sorry we couldn't quite make it work, but you really deserve better than lazy uninspired status updates.

by the by if you in blog land actually fancy lazy uninspired updates...i'm still on twitter.


Kimber said...

wow...i couldn't hardly state my own feelings about facebook better!
very well said!

pam said...

I don't get why people have to pitch a fit when someone drops from FB. I gave it up for Lent and decided I really didn't miss it so I deactivated. You would have thought I posted my obituary. Not that I don't like the attention but most of the people asking my whereabouts, through my husband, were not even people I talk to that often. I have since activated it and decided that I would just stalk others every so often, or comment here or there.
I could care less to let everyone know that I just folded my laundry or fed the dog. Really? Have we dumbed ourselves down to the point that such trivial matters are interesting to us? I say do what you makes you happy and if that's a life without FB so be it. Rock On!

Thrifty Miss said...

I totally agree. My friends think I'm crazy because I am not on facebook every fives seconds telling people I just went shopping etc, etc. I just find it really boring to be honest so I am glad I am not the only one.

Dianna said...

I love you : )
R.I.P. Facebook!

AND I think you're hilarious...your tweets are some the only ones that make me LAUGH OUT LOUD...really!
(and I'm not talking about that *lol* cr*p either)