I miss LA.

I adore Seattle, the rain, the water, my neighborhood. Everything. But LA is my home.

I miss meeting friends at Mr Marcel in the Farmer's Market. I miss the chicken soup at Canter's, and the celebrity sighting at the Coffee Bean in Brentwood. I miss Sunset Junction and Runyon. I miss my friends, late night dinners. Lunching downtown with my mum. I miss Zuma, Paradise Cove, The Beverly Center. I miss San Vicente, La Cienega, Santa Monica and all those other Spanish street names. I miss our old place on Malcolm. I miss visiting my brother in WeHo. I miss being so close to Santa Barbara and Arrowhead. I miss Studio City. That Starbucks on Ventura where I would meet my clients. I miss going to Houston's then the movies at the Century City mall. I miss Marina Del Rey and and all those little shops on Abbot Kinney. Speaking of Abbot Kinney, if I was home I would have gone to this.

Oh my dear, beautiful, crazy, sunny LA. I know a lot of people don't like you...but it's because they don't really know you. Thank you for giving me so very much to miss.

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