any given wednesday...

...you can find me at home looking a little something like this. Truth is most days I don't try very hard. I work from home so, besides, the UPS guy, nobody sees me...and he usually leaves my packages downstairs so...

I think that if you were to pop in uninvited...(you would never, right?:) You might find me looking a little crazy. Yoga pants, t shirt, hair in a top knot. It's not exactly a pretty picture.

So I've decided to change it.

I think, whether I have errands that day or not, getting up and getting dressed is essential to my well being. I mean, obviously I don't ever bother with shoes or make-up if I'm not leaving the house, but clearly, this particular outfit required minimal effort. MINIMAL.

Moving on to fashion.

I'm a plus size woman. A few of the stores I love have chosen not to go in that direction. That means, as a girl who adores fashion, I have become a bit of a detective. I'm not one of those people that laments never being able to find/fit anything. If I find it and it doesn't fit I move on. The road to slim and healthy is not a jaunt for me, rather it's a journey of biblical proportion. Therefore, until the time comes that I can fit into something several sizes smaller...I'm going to wear cute things in my size. I won't cry in dressing rooms (never done that, but overheard it several times) or rail against stores that don't design clothes to fit me.

Whatevs...you get one life. Might as well find a way to love yourself.

I will let you know the winner of the holiday minibook a bit later this afternoon. You have until 2pm pst to get in on the giveaway by commenting on the previous post.


Diana said...

love this post ;-)

K13 said...

Such a great attitude to have about your size..I wish I could embrace that perspective for myself a bit more. I haven't cried in a dressing room, but I've been close.