My oh my...the last few weeks have been a bit wild around here. I wish I had a fabulous excuse for why the laundry hasn't been done or why I have a mountain of catalogs and magazines that I need to sort through...but I don't. A great big part of it is just life. This is normally a busy time for me, but aside from that, my little shop has just exploded thanks to a certain paper craft celeb. I doubt she reads my blog but if she does. Thanks ALI!!!!

I own a small graphic design studio and an even smaller Etsy shop. I have fielded a few questions this week on how to go about opening a shop, how to get customers and so on...I have responded to all inquiries directly, but I would like to mention for the record that I'm no expert. Up until recently things have always been a bit slow and steady on the Etsy front. I'm still figuring out how to manage inventory, get things out on time and keep my workspace form looking like disaster.

A long time ago...before the studio, I worked at a really big bank and it was my job to deal with people. To improve the quality of their experience. A big part of the problem was that I couldn't see them, In most cases, I couldn't even talk to them. I worked in the online department when online was still pretty new to banking. I learned one vital piece of information. YOU MUST LISTEN. This little lesson has followed me through the start of my own business and the building of another. No matter the size or scope you must listen. It doesn't matter if they don't spend a dime, if the question is silly, or if you are incredibly busy, you must take a moment to listen. Listen to your client and to yourself.

That said, I am now off to work...the shop update yesterday went swimmingly and I have already sold out of quite a bit. Ugh....still working on mastering the whole inventory thing. I will do a bit of restocking on Friday once I take care of my current orders.

Till then, I'll try to blog a bit more and get my travel book ready for New Orleans...eek! it's two weeks away!!!!


kendra said...

Just popped by for a little blog reading when I saw you were doing December Daily. I bought 3 packs of your little baseball sized journal cards. I am doing Project Life as well as December Daily and decided to chenge up the journal cards a little with yours. I LOVE them! Simple and perfect. Thanks!

bananafish said...

You are welcome. Thank YOU! I love that you are finding all different types of ways to creatively use the cards. Those little baseball journal cards are one of my favorite products.