sick sick sick

Well, I have been sick for the last week...actually it began creeping up on me well before that. I tried to ward it off but it had been too long since my last really big cold and it was bound and determined to wreak havoc.

and wreak havoc it did.

my to do list remains woefully unchecked

my December Daily includes one entry titled "sick"

I am still working on packaging product to send out to very patient customers. It's slow going folks, but it'll get there. I PROMISE:)

using hand sanitizer by the bucket

and feeling a bit woe is me that I'm not out and about enjoying the rainy Seattle weather and missing all the hustle and bustle.

What I do know is this:

I have a great husband who may or may not be coming down with my cold.

i'm on the mend, although you'd never know that if you caught a glimpse of me right this moment.

being sick forced me to sit still and just enjoy the twinkle lights on my tree. It forced me to lay there and watch Miracle on 34th Street...the '47 version, and Home Alone and Little Women, and all my most favorite holiday films. I would have never given myself permission to do that with a load of work to get done.

I believe that the universe finds a way to slow you down...not when you want to but when you need to.

Anyway, I hope to pop back in next week with pictures of my holiday decor, my December daily and a completed pile of Christmas cards ready to be delivered.

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