an old class with a new twist

so, if you're an old friend of mine you might remember (fondly I hope) all those "simple cards" classes I taught at the PS in Beverly HIlls. Remember...early Sunday mornings together...those little kits I use to make? Reveling in paper to our hearts content? Well, its been a long time. Over two years and I decided to do it again...with a bit of a twist.

Assemble has invited me to teach a card workshop with a bit of a vintage slant. Right up my alley, no? It will still be simple...but the vintage part means we're going to incorporate stamps, create mini collages and use lovely vintage inspired papers. I will also teach use super easy distressing techniques so your brand new cards looks like they've been tied with a ribbon and left in a keepsake box for many many years.

If you are local, the workshop will be Saturday, February 26 from 1-3pm. You can find more information here

If you're not local...I can't promise it will be worth the price of airfare, but I'd sure love to see you;)

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2 Hearts B 1 Designs said...

wish I could have came and joined ya, your classes are always the best! xo Miss ya darlin. I need a France fix.