in pictures...

 most days begin with tea

 then a brisk walk

 my favorite path

 the view during my morning walk

 a trip to the mac store. YAY VCU

 a cute print at Land of Nod

 when i was little i thought these were about me

 afternoon tea...yup it's about 4pm

 spring is coming

 couldn't resist a little stamp shopping

 on my way to pick up keith

 grab a few things for dinner

 oh...almost forgot...this is from yesterday. ALL DONE. (don't judge)

making dinner

i didn't get a picture of me working, watching Modern Family or my nasty papercut...but all of that happened as well.

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2 Hearts B 1 Designs said...

Love the sweet pics. A day in the life of France. How precious! I want to spend one of those fine days with you doing just that except minus the paper cut part. I hate those!