the weekender

 view while crossing the magnolia bridge

I found this weekend to be particularly interactive. That is highly unusual for me since most days I prefer to lay low. But, every once in a super moon, my social calendar gets quite full and I find myself conversing and laughing with people other than myself.

On Saturday we were invited to attend a party for a little girl...and by little I mean we were celebrating her first year on this earth. Can you imagine? A room full of children under the age of 6 and me. I was actually a bit awestruck. The volume at which children can speak, the amount of food that ends up on their person, the pure joy they find in destruction...it's all so stimulating to me. I found myself completely taken in by their abandon. I know you may think I'm being facetious but I'm not. Children truly fascinate me. All in all it was a fun time. We met some supernice people and although we have no plans to travel down that road ourselves, it's nice to occasionally go sightseeing.

Later that day we were happily surprised by a somewhat cryptic email. One that I had been expecting for some time. K and I were invited to an impromptu gathering wherein we would become privy to some very special news. We soon found out that one of my dear friends had become engaged and we spent the evening imbibing and laughing. The merrymaking continued into the wee hours and a fine night was had by all. Congratulations Andie and Christian. Nous vous souhaitons tout le bonheur du monde!

I wrapped things up quite nicely with a quiet Sunday that involved all of my favorites. A bit of paper play, basketball watching, book reading, a nice dinner with the best company and a late night chat.

Hope you had a divine weekend as well.


dianna said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend my dear. I loved hearing about your *sightseeing* adventure : )

Anonymous said...


(and thanks to Google Translate, as well)