the weekender

 Things were pretty quiet here at the Wisniewski House this weekend. We stayed in for the most part...I, crafting, packaging, crocheting and sneezing and Keith doing other stuff that involves drawing funny sh*t, sports and copious amounts of the history channel. I now know more than ever about the Vatican library.

We got out for a bit on Sunday so we wouldn't be the only two fools not enjoying the beautiful yet spotty sunshine this weekend. Since our car is being serviced we walked and it was nice albeit a little colder than it looked.

Once we made it back home I continued working on getting some orders packaged and out as well as setting the stage for a minibook making. I hope to have that completed sometime this evening and will post my process tomorrow or the next day. There's so much info, I'm kinda wondering how to approach it. It's not a tutorial just a..."this is what I did" kinda thing. Thinking I might take pictures and create a mini movie with a voiceover by moi...too ambitious? Probably. We'll see.

Until then I will be spending a bit of time with this today...I'm well on my way to completing my second blanket of the year.

pattern is the pop wheel motif from Sarah London

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Diana said...

ooh does this mean there's a scrapbook page to share soon?
Love the quilt, so pretty and colourful.