So What's New?

I've decided to try something new on the blog. Videos. I don't know how often I'll be able to do it, or if anyone will even watch...but they're fun to make and sometimes easier than typing out a whole post.

My first video is a pretty simple one. I've been shopping up a storm lately...and I decided to document some of my newest purchases. What is it about springtime that makes me want to buy new craft supplies? I don't know....but this will probably be it...at least for another month or two:)


Cortney said...

Hi France. Found you via Ali Edwards, and SO glad I did. Loved the vicarious tour of your new purchases. I'm not a die-cutter, but now am more curious. Can you tell me if that tabbed cut-out (with your small MS butterfly) is from a punch or die-cut & manufacturer? That is something I'd use daily...thanks!

bananafish said...

Hi Cortney...that tab is a punch by McGill and I LOVE it. My punches are some of my most beloved tools.