The Great Outdoors

This weekend, on our way back from Portland, Keith and I decided to visit Mt. St. Helen's National Park. It was early Sunday afternoon and we had nowhere to be so we just went for it stopping at a few spots along the way to just absorb the beauty of the state in which we live. It's funny how a couple hours off the beaten path can lead to some valuable introspection.

Okay...I'm gonna go a bit deep here.

I felt like our little trip into the woods was like a metaphor. On my journey"deep" into the forest, I found that what moved me was really very simple. Trees, light, sky, water and mountains. It served as a gentle reminder that as I journey inward, what I need to feel happy is equally simple. Once I got past the traffic and buildings I found peace. In my day to day life it just isn't practical to skip off to the mountains. My peace will lie in walking away from the computer, shutting off the tv, going outside and spreading a blanket in the middle of my back yard and just lying there for a bit. Maybe going for a walk or heading off to my old neighborhood with my crochet hook and a ball of yarn sitting on a bench and watching the ships in Elliot Bay.

I am happy to reconnect with nature. Here's hoping we don't ever lose touch again:)

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Hey you were in my neck of the woods. Washington state sure is beautiful and pristine.