you might wanna sit down...

 because this is going to be a long one. I plan to canvas several subjects before ending with a mighty exhale...but we're not there yet.

First, to those waiting ever so patiently for the Bananafishstudio shop to reopen, you only have to wait until the last week of August. I am setting up for a late summer/fall update which will serve as a precursor to the holiday update in early November.  This update will include a restocking of standard BStudio tags and journalcards along with a few new designs. You know how I like to keep things pretty simple. I will also be introducing some new minibooks. I should have sneak peeks up early next week so check back. I have had a few setbacks this time around, the greatest of which has been the length of time it has taken me to unpack. Without some sort of dire impetus I am dreadfully slow:(

That covered, I will move on. You will notice that the above picture has little to do with anything I've written so far. It was taken on my recent trip to San Francisco. I adore the sweetly painted victorians that line those skinny streets. I attended a wedding in Los Angeles a few weeks ago but ended up flying out a bit early. I decided to enjoy some time in LA at the beautiful Fairmont while Keith was out there on production. After the wedding my sister and I took off on a week long roadtrip up the California coast (minibook to come). That week happened to coincide with Ali's Week in the Life project. Initially I thought it would be wonderful to capture the trip and use it for that project, but after returning home decided that I wanted it to be more reflective of REAL life rather than a vacation. I have decided to make next week my WITL documentation week.

Once I got home, I had little time to do anything but jump right back into work. With looming deadlines and a few boxes still waiting to be unpacked, I found myself having to do some pretty strict prioritizing. It's a bit tough to stay focused when you work from home. I always find myself either getting distracted by work...or the mounds of laundry accumulated over a few weeks of being away. I still feel like I'm playing catch-up.

August has been a blur of client projects, product design, unpacking and trying to eat like a normal person. I am sad to say that an untimely move coupled with being out of town led to some pretty bad eating. So, this month has been an effort to detoxify my system. Lots of water and green stuff. It isn't perfect...not even close, but I am making a significant effort to consume home cooked meals and take my vitamins.

So...what's left, ahhh, that's right- The ignoring of the blog...eek, how to explain but to say...I will try and do better. If there was ever a time to ignore something Summertime would be it, no?

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dalijablog said...

Im a fan of your work and I love your writting style! Looking forward to some more updates! ;)