she has high hopes

By she I mean me and by has I mean had.

I had high hopes.

I had high hopes:

That I could do a lot more in a lot less time
That the guest room would be fully unpacked and not just a place where empty boxes go to die
That I would be cooking more and depending less on evening scavenger hunts
That I would eat less sour skittles
That I would go to bed at a decent hour
That some of the things that I wanted to release this season didn't have to be placed on the back burner
That my house was ready for my family to descend upon me en masse in a few weeks
That I could spend more time decorating
That I wouldn't be spread so thin

Today I am working through some challenges. I feel lucky to have wonderful people around me who support me and love me. I feel blessed to have excellent customers and clients who trust me and are patient with me.

I know that the picture up top seems like it doesn't fit, but I just wanted it to be a reminder to myself that no matter what, just keep looking up:)


elizabeth rosemond said...

This is definitely easy for me to say from where I'm sitting, but this is a GOOD problem! Being spread too thin isn't fun, but I really think you're managing it well (by staggering releases and shipping). It must be a great feeling to know that people are responding to your work so positively, even though it can be taxing!

I'm on the other side of that spectrum. Shop sales are seriously scattered and I don't know what to do next. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Keep looking up....I needed to hear that more that you know. your such a inspiration:) have a productive rest of the week!

Diana said...

This might seem odd, but I actually found this post inspiring... .

Kelly in Canada said...

Whatever you do, you are enough! Just always remember that you are enough (and your work is wonderful).