memory lane

When I decided to revamp the shop, I knew that some changes needed to be made. I didn't necessarily want to reduce my inventory, but I did want to do a better job of curating the shop. Streamlining my offerings so to speak. I've had the experience of working for a retail boutique that, in my opinion, sold too much of too much. There was product coming out of the woodwork. In many ways I felt that it made the shop feel a bit five and dime-ish...which was NOT what they were going for. Thinking about my time in that store made me feel  it was time to be a bit more selective. For this reason I am retiring some of my old favorites.

Mini Flash Cards
while I adore these cards, they are not so hard to find as they kinda were when I first added them to the shop in September 2010.

Large Ledger Shipping Tags
These hold a special place in my heart. Not only did it introduce ledger backgrounds into my work but it was actually the very first item I designed for the shop. They made their grand debut in August of 2009...it's now time to bid them adieu.

Simple Words Journaling Cards
I'm not so much getting rid of these as I am changing them up a bit. They will now only be available in the larger 3"x4" size. I sold my very first package of these in September of 2009

Mini Message Cards
These were first introduced in February of 2010. At the time I hadn't quite seen anything like it and as you know...all my products begin by being something I want but can't seem to find.  Interestingly enough, the original was a 3.5" square. These may return in a different size...I still really love them.

Faux Label Ledger Cards
Now these aren't going anywhere, but I do consider them an MVP of sorts. Now I know they're very popular these days...a graph with a label superimposed, but they certainly weren't a couple years ago. I know because I hunted high and low for them. Labels were in...layering, yeah, layering was in I guess. NOTHING like it is now. I was totally hoarding all my little Making Memories and 7gypsies labels. What was a girl to do? These came about fairly easily. Being sort of stingy with my labels I took to cutting them in half and using only a part at the bottom of my ledger tags...voilĂ ! An idea was born...I sold my very first pack on February 3rd 2010. The original size was 2"x3.25." They are now sold in the 3"x4" size only. Even though a version of these cards seem to be popping up everywhere, I don't care. I still love them, I still use them and as long as you keep buying them, I'll keep selling them.

If some of these were your favorites, don't worry, I will still be adding them to a brand new Bananafishstudio Product...otherwise known as "ThisandThat Studio Sampler"

BTW...I've been totally inspired by this little trip down memory lane and have re-fallen in love with the original colors of the faux label cards. So much so, that I will be offering them in those very same colors again:)

Sorry about the quality of those photos...in most cases they were the very first ones I ever uploaded to the shop...I think I've improved a little bit:)


Emily Grosse said...

Congratulations! Editing is classy I'm excited to see what new/re-newed goodies pop up next.

Susan said...

Those label ledger cards were my very favorite purchase from your shop, although honestly I've always loved everything you listed there. Looking forward to seeing your new items ~ thanks for the little walk down memory lane.

Kelly in Canada said...

it makes me very happy to read this post...i sense a shop opening happening very soon?

rhonda said...

I love it all! And I can't wait to shop!

scrapfin said...

Cant wait for your shop to open--date?

eric costa said...

They all maybe everywhere but yours are the best!!!!
Love your style and work.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking everywhere for 4x4 journaling cards. I would be so happy if you kept the 3.5 squares, I could mount them on another piece of paper to get the size I need.

bananafish said...

Hi Anonymous...there just wasn't enough demand for that size:( I like squares too...why don't you email me and I'll see what I can do.


Denise said...

whicI just found your blog and fell in love. I am looking forward to seeing your items in your new store. I feel there is nothing that makes my scrapbook projects more complete and special is when you find the perfect embellishment or boutique item that pulls it all together. Can't wait for the new store to be online.