friday round-up

 I am quite aware that the title of this post is terribly generic, but I gave up trying to be clever at around 9 something this morning. It is a beautiful day here in Seattle...and while I should be working, I think I will venture out, hair unwashed, and get me some much needed vitamin D. Things got a bit heavy on the blog yesterday as I tried to sort out my own somewhat unresolved feelings about ownership and inspiration. Thankfully, most everyone I have encountered on the web have been respectful, kind and incredibly generous. In the spirit of sharing I wanted to post some of my favorite projects I've seen around the internet of late and encourage you to say something nice if you like what they've done. Happy Weekend:)

Lauren was my partner in Oh Hello Friend's Holiday Package Exchange. She spoiled me and I have yet to send a thank you. EEK! Sorry Lauren, I promise it is forthcoming. She is wonderfully talented and made this adorable Deer Wood Plaque without harming a single deer. This wooden heart embellishment is also delightful and doable...I think i'll get me some little hearts and copy this one. My friend Andie also posted a similar glitter heart. So very pretty, no?

Next up is this black and white blanket Elise knit together rather quickly. This girl is a project machine. My oh my, I think I might accomplish as many in a year as she does in a week. I suppose we all need something to which we can aspire. I too am working on a blanket inspired by this happy one by Dottie Angel aka Tif Fussell. I, of course, am nowhere near done. If you are looking to crochet something in the spirit of the season, these hearts by Bella Dia are so very nice and work up easy...provided you know just a bit about crochet:)

This isn't a project, but can certainly be used for your Project Life. I am thrilled to see Tina's "Currents" journal cards for sale. They are sold out right now, but I intend to be first in line when they are back in stock.

Here are a few more fun things that could make for a very crafty weekend indeed:

Kristina Werner's Finally Friday video

Elsie's geometric photo project

and this is pretty basic, but I think Cathy's PNG recoloring tutorial is super simple and useful


rhonda said...

Thanks for sharing what is inspiring you Frances, off to take a look. Right now I am being inspired by Marcy Penner and Rahel Menig, I love the look of their projects and I never get tired of looking at Lisa Truesdell's layouts.

bananafish said...

me too!! I love what Marcy did with that October Afternoon Mini...I'm also really loving Nicole Harper's PL

rhonda said...

I too love Nicole's projects! We both have great taste!

adellelouise said...

I love those crochet hearts! They look like the perfect one day project. I use granny squares as coasters at home, these would work that way too.