and this just about wraps it up

 view from our balcony at the Fairmont

One day you look up and a new fresh month is beginning. 

You blink...

and it is quickly coming to an end. It's not the first time the realization sets in that life moves at a pretty serious clip.

This little respite from Seattle weather has been divine. The view from our rooms, visiting my favorite restaurants, spending time with my mom, music beneath the stars on the first day of summer, drinking brambles high above Silverlake, multiple French 75's in the lobby, talking shop with fellow crafty friends, meeting my nephew through his mom's belly, driving, seeing my extended family and the baby explosion that has occurred, getting to see my husband's comic genius come to life...

It's all my favorite.

Tomorrow we head back to our other home. Keith goes directly into post production and I directly into "operation: prepare for guests to arrive in 10 days." Ronin will be my constant companion as his dog walker will be taking a well deserved vacation of their own.

Things will settle. I will be tired in the best way. We will celebrate the 4th of July with friends, food and blooming roses.

I am looking forward to July...to August, to everything.

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