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Spring is the perfect time to invest in new accessories, to find a fresh new fragrance, to hunt down the perfect sandal or the most delicious scarf. As a person who's color palette consists of grey, black, white and navy...accessories are my best friend. It's how I inject a bit of style and personality into my very monochromatic wardrobe.

Some of these items are older favorites purchased a few seasons ago and some are new:

fig.1: This wallet/clutch is the perfect shade of coral/red/pink. It also fits my phone and a tube of lipgloss.

fig.2: I am in love with this Rose lip butter by Herbivore Botanicals. It smells delicious and I adore their minimalist branding. I picked it up at Lucca which is one of my favorite spots to find new to me products like this...although it can be dangerous to have a shop like this within walking distance.

fig.3: I purchased this flower hair clip at H+M ages ago and I still bring it out every spring. I think it would be very easy to make.

 fig.4: I am a girl who loves, LOVES fragrance. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it is most definitely mine. I like a varied collection that consists of small independent lines as well as designer releases. Honey by Marc Jacobs is definitely one I find myself using quite often these days.

fig.5: This small tube of Lollia handcreme in Classic Petal that I picked up at Anthropologie. I'm a sucker for anything that smells like flowers right now.  I also love their branding.

fig.6: This braided leather bracelet  was purchased locally at Velouria. The perfect mint color pairs well with all the black, navy and cream in my wardrobe and my gold jewelry.

What do you find yourself gravitating toward this season?

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